Style Forged in Fire
Like all things, these handmade ceramic tiles have their own story. We came a long way to offer a selection that includes one that you will love, too.
Wall tiles
Every piece of tile is unique and handmade. We dreamed up a design and made it to be the gem of your home. 
Unique shapes
Something new and thrilling. Playing with colours and shapes. 
Customized design
We make your style and colours come to life. We custom design our tiles according to your wishes. 
Our story
The present is born from the events of the past and feed from the relationships with some special people. This life changing event for me is connected to my beloved teacher, who went the extra mile. I witnessed the miracle of ceramics born in fire after some adventures with buying my first kiln, that put me on my path to ceramics.
Of course, this path is never a straight paved road. I have always had the gift to draw and paint and I have always been drawn to ceramics, but finding the right outlet for my desire took a long time. After several dead ends and a long search for the right thing, I finally found the my way to ceramics and fire. My work, that you see here, was finally born.
The process
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